Sunday, March 7, 2010

Been tidying up the Shop

Had some spare time last week and I moved the shop around. Not too much, so you can't find anything, but enough to satisfly me. This is what happens every time a do a major creative piece. This time it was 10 pieces for Graphic 45's design team call. We sent the photos monday. After I send my work off, I always feel lost. Its like you have sent a child or someone you love away for a while. I find it hard to settle and so with the creative juices still flowing I feel the need to change things around and so the shop gets the full works. Athough with a bad back I am limited to what I can do. This means I now have a table full of clearance items marked down and quite a few racks of paper (not the racks!) needing to find new homes. Drop in and see us next week. Remember we are closed on Monday. I found out on Saturday that I made the top 20 for Graphic 45 and on monday will be making my final piece to send to them, which I don't get back! This will be my piece for the final round. Out of 20 very talented ladies they are looking for 7. A one in 3 chance does'nt sound to bad. I would love the chance to do some design work for them as their paper is perfect for my style of scrapbooking. Wish me luck!
thanks for looking

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  1. I love the layout there Jane, It is beautiful! Think you could teach it form memory??
    Good luck for the grand final. Anne


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