Saturday, July 31, 2010

Hi there everyone!

I just want to say a MASSIVE thank you to all 76 ladies who attended the Seriously Scrapbooking All Day Scrap today! The day went so well and we hope you enjoyed yourselves!

Thanks to Heather and Steph for teaching great projects, Sam who did an amazing job in the shop, Julie & Meg who kept us fed and watered, Beth and Bonnie who helped in the shop, the kitchen and the hall, Josh who made coffees, all the ladies who cooked and helped put kits together and most importantly, THANK YOU to Jane for hosting such a great day. You are such an amazing woman.

I will posting photos and class sneak peeks over the next week so come back and have a look!

We would love to hear what you thought of the day!
Please leave us a comment!



  1. Had an inspiring day, fabulous projects, awesome food, brilliant gifts in a creative atmosphere. The team who put this together are truely remarkable :)

  2. Awesome day ladies! You are a wonderful TEAM and putting together such a well organised and generous day was certainly appreciated by every one of the ladies that I spoke to throughout the day. Thanks for planning such creative projects for us and giving us the incentive to shop with 25% off, as if we needed incentive to shop for scrappin' stuff! lol

  3. What a fantastic day - thankyou to all of you that worked so hard and made the day the fun welcoming day that it was! Just wonderful teachers, great projects, beautiful products, fun ideas and great value not to mention the super food!And a great venue. My first all day scrap but not my last! Congratulations and thanks

  4. Loved every minute of it. Projects were fantastic, it is so good to learn new techiques. You don't need anyone to sell this day, it sells itself! Awesome, awesome, awesome. Book me in for next years please!


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