Thursday, November 25, 2010

Glimmermist Tips

I thought I'd share this with you because I'm sure a some of you may have had the same thing happen.

When your Glimmermist is new or hasn't been used for a while, the 'glimmer' bits settle down to the bottom of the bottle.

DON'T turn it upside down and/or shake it madly because this can move all the sediment/glimmer through the tube to the nozzel and clog it up resulting in your spritzer not working and/or you getting splats/blobs on your project instead of the fine mist.

Swirl the bottle around in circles, like you are stirring a cuppa tea or coffee, holding your glimmermist by the top of the bottle, not shaking it and not turning it upside down.

It works!!! It may take a bit with new bottles or if you've not used them for a while, but it works and you don't end up with loads of bubbles in your bottle either.

Another tip is to spritz like you are spray painting something, back and forth, up and down or side to side, not spritz spritz spritz in one spot or you can pool the glimmermist and have it running.

Un-clogging tips here ...... VIDEO

Information courtesy of Tattered Angels.

The spray dribbles:
When you spray, make sure your finger is not protrouding over the front edge of the sprayer, because when the Glimmer Mist disperses, it will hit your finger and fribble back down onto the rim of the sprayer. When the next time you spray, the product that collected onto the rim will dribble onto your project. If your finger is pulled back, the Glimmer Mist will spray out the pattern it was intended to and it will not collect onto the cap.

The sprayer gets clogged:
To prevent the sprayer from cloggin, make sure you gently shake the Glimmer Mist from side to side before you spray it. Vigorous shaking can cause the Glimmer Mist to collect in the sprayer, causing cloggin. When spraying, be sure to hold the bottle at a slight angle. Avoid holidng the Glimmer Mist bottle horizontally while spraying. Also, be sure to store Glimmer Mist in an upright position when not in use.

To clear out the sprayer:
In the event that the sprayer does get clogged, it can be cleared out with canned air. Take off the sprayer top, put the canned air (without spray straw) directly on sprayer opening. Apply canned air in short spurts 1-3 times until clear. You can also put the canned air to the outside of the hole and spray it that way.

The paper is curling:
Glimmer Mist is a water-based spray that can make lightweight materials curl as it dries, but there are a number of ways you can correct this.
1. Use a heat tool on both sides of the paper to flatten with heat.
2. Iron your paper (cover paper with a thin towel before ironing).
3. Dry the Glimmer Mist by wiping with a paper towel to remove excess moisture.

Will Glimmer Mist stain my hands/clothes?
Glimmer Mist will come out of your clothes in almost all circumstances. Pre treatment is recommended for darker stains, and multiple washings may be necessary. Do not put the article of clothing in the dryer until the stain has been removed.

Glimmer Mist on your hands comes off best with soap and water (darker colours may take a few hand washings to remove). We've also found that Glimmer Mist is quickly removed after a good hair washing. The combination of shampoo and the friction of washing hair takes it right off!

Will Glimmer Mist fade in the sun?
Yes! Glimmer Mist will fade if your project is left in the sun. However, you may be able to resist fading if you use a UV protective coating over your project.

Is Glimmer Mist water-resistant?
No, Glimmer Mist is water-based and does not use pigment dye. Therefore, it will run if exposed to moisture.

My stamped images get blurry after being sprayd:
There are two ways to use Glimmer Mist with stamped images. If you are using archival ink, you can spray Glimmer Mist on top of your stamped images and it won't run. If you are not using archival ink, it is best to spray the Glimmer Mist first, then stamp your impage once the GLimmer Mist is dry.


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