Thursday, February 24, 2011

Book Of Me

On Monday night I taught the 14th Book Of Me Class! 14 classes! Wow!

So the topic for Feb was ... Before I was a .... mother, wife, godmother, aunt...

The journalling is pretty important to this page and my journaling is pretty emotional for me (not to mention a few others who had a tear when I read it out in class).

Next month is a lighter topic .... 6 things right now.....
Here is the layout of the page....

For those of you who started the BOM class and feel you have missed too many topics to continue, then I totally encourage you to come back. You are more that welcome to pick up where you left off or start on the next topic. I would love to help you continue on this journey of scrapbooking!


  1. Looks great Natalie!

    Is there anywhere I can find a list of the book of me topics so far?

  2. Sure Alanna ...


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