Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Louise's Class Saturday 28th May :) :) :)

Hello Hello :)

Just updating you all on my next class Saturday 28th May at 1.30. Class cost is $16.00 plus kit cost extra.

This is a 2 layout class with a touch of whimsy :)

Whats The Whimsy? 

LOL Well I am getting you to draw and colour your own little goth girls, just like the ones in the sneak peeks below :) :) :)

I promise you that it is simple and easy and a whole lot of fun. 
This class is suitable for Scrapbookers of all levels :)

If you would like to join me Please call the shop during BH's on 08 8277 1298, The girls have a list of requirements in the register book so they will be able to let you know what you need to bring in addition to Basic Class Kit :) :) :)
Photos aren't necessary.

Cheers and I do hope you will Join me :)

Louise xxoxx

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