Sunday, December 27, 2009

Working at Home

Beth my eldest daughter is over for Christmas, so we spent a day together on my dinning room table scrapbooking . Beth did a layout and I made 25 more squares. I am the messiest scrapbooker and need a whole table. I had to share, Beth is a neat scrapbooker, so all the mess in the photo is mine. I Just love making squares, each one is special and I get to use lots of bits and pieces. Today I am doing Madeline pages and Actopus to Zelephant pages. I will post a sneak peek in a day or two.

Thanks for looking


1 comment:

  1. LOL UR not alone with the messy table thing at the mo Jane :)

    I finally got to scrap today and Ive just done 10 layouts 2 cards and 2 tags, Ive been on a creative roll, but I think its time for bed now :)

    Lou xx


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