Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Louise Nelson's Classes!

Friday Late Night Scrap and Art Journaling Workshop :) :) :)

Hi Guys

For the Art Journaling Workshop being held during the next late night scrap [Friday the 13th - :S LOL] It will be an informal workshop within the context of the late night scrap spirit of creativity. I just wanted to have a chat with you all and discuss if there was any interest in an ongoing Art Journaling Workshop. As you can appreciate we will need to maintain numbers to cover costs etc,... but I will discuss this all on the night etc. Please feel free to bring what ever you like to use in the creation of your Journals, I will be bringing my kit and journal and I will be working on it during the night! I would love it if you bought yours and shared your creativity with me and the group! This isn't a formal class as such and the only fee that applies is that what you would normally pay for attending the late night scrap.

If you have any further questions please just drop me a comment in this post or email me at and Ill get back to you asap :)

And for Saturday Mornings Class.....

So what will you need to bring?: If you have the following it would be fab,..

  • Foam paint roller - medium [10-12 cms wide]

  • your favourite color acrylic paints and spray mists to match the color of your photo(s)

  • Any beads/buttons you have at home to match the above

  • Gloves if you dont like getting your hands dirty,..oh and an apron, you wont be able to get gesso off your clothes!! seriously!!!

The rest will be in your kit :)

  • The Crafters Workshop template we are using will be available for purchase :) as will the bling I use on the 'sample' layout.

I have included to sneak peeks of 'examples' of what can be achieved with the techniques I will demonstrate in the class, my 'sample' layout will be up in the shop on Saturday

Book in NOW!!!!!!

Lou xxx

Cheers and Ta Lou :) xxx

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  1. Wonderful techniques ! I wish I was here to learn !


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